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Buric Global gives owners and managers total control over their projects, enabling them to avoid cost overruns and litigation.

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Health care

Health care construction requires detailed planning and oversight that only Buric Global can provide. And we knew that staying on schedule means more lives saved.
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Cleveland Clinic Heart Center

Industry Spotlight: Higher Education

From dormitories to laboratories, stadiums to classroom buildings, Buric Global specializes in handling the unique challenges higher education projects bring.
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Buric Global.
Where true intelligence and project controls come together.

From project inception through building occupancy, Buric Global is the preeminent resource for owners, architects and construction managers who are managing next-generation construction projects for maximum long-term viability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

With its industry-leading suite of BIM Services, CPM Scheduling Services and Owner Representation Services, Buric Global's proactive involvement enables project transparency and unprecedented collaboration between all parties, giving owners and construction managers total control over their capital projects.

Does it work? Buric has already been put to the test on more than $1.5 billion worth of construction projects, helping deliver them on time, on budget and without costly litigation.

What's the bottom line? True collaboration-- eliminating conflicts, reducing risks and improving efficiencies.

Buric Global helps owners maintain the control, integrity and certainty of their projects, while saving up to 20% in costs.

Buric Global gives architects an unprecedented competitive edge in landing projects and delivering on ALL key performance indicators.

Buric Global gives construction managers never before available data and analytics — to avoid issues and deliver a project with maximum efficiency.


Buric Global Dashboard

Our online dashboard is a proprietary real-time, web-based system that gives you -- and every designated member of your team -- immediate access to the latest data, information and analysis of your project. Construction and scheduling databases and 4D BIM are integrated with Buric Global's renowned expertise to create an intuitive, easy-to-access and, above all, intelligent project controls system.

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Industry Spotlight: Health Care